We have used Peak Experience for many years for organizational development, team building and culture change. The tools and content of the workshops are exceptional. Peak Experiences has helped my organization develop and achieve and as well kept the journey interesting and fun. Frank Gallant and his team of associates are some of the best in the business.

Margo Beckworth-Burn, Sr. Vice President, Wyndham Worldwide
Dalhouse Student Union

Team Action

‘Team Action’ is Peak Experiences most requested program. This one to two day program provides an informal atmosphere for participants to assess their behaviour and interpersonal styles in relation to others. By participating strengthen your understanding of your strengths and limitations and observe how diversity can assist in the growth of group members as they strive to understand their own group interactions and group processes.

The ‘Team Action’ workshop provides an introduction to interpersonal relations and group dynamics using a combination of experiential methods and theoretical frameworks. Participants will have opportunities to increase their understanding of themselves as individuals, to increase their understanding of their own and others’ interpersonal styles, strengths and limitations, and learn about the nature of groups as living systems, and the role of individuals within these systems. Most participants increase their abilities to:

  • relate more effectively to others;
  • appreciate the richness of individual differences which contribute to
  • personal relationships, group dynamics & positive group norms.
  • increase trust and support in relationships.
Download PDF – For more information on the ‘Team Action’ Workshop