It was a real pleasure to work with Frank Gallant of Peak Experiences to allow for the co-ordination of our 24 hour masterclass in sustainable development during my recent visit to Nova Scotia, Canada. His leadership and commitment towards sustainable organizations and communities will leave a mark on Nova Scotia for years to come.

Jonathon Porritt, Founder, Forum for the Future, UK
24 Hour Masterclass

Sustainability Development

The Seven Generations Workshop

Leading companies and organizations of the future will be those that meet the demands of their investors and customers while integrating values that protect their employees, communities and the environment in all that they do.

Developing environmentally sustainable values and activities throughout an organization is an ongoing and challenging process that must permeate the whole organization.

Our process gives license to the visionary and inspirational leader in each one of us without ever losing touch with the real world. Through our relationships with key local and international organizations, we have developed the materials and processes that allow us to provide the support, resources and inspiration for those in leadership positions who must face and manage the challenge of moving their organization or community along a path leading to environmental sustainability.

Download PDF – For more detailed information and an in-depth brochure on our ‘Seven Generations Sustainability’ workshop

Our Seven Generations sustainability workshop will;

  • outline a clear approach and definition of environmental sustainability, from it’s history to it’s current status;
  • review the concept of an “Ecological Footprint” – an highly recognized approach for measuring sustainability;
  • provide an overview of the current ‘state of the world’ in regards to local, national and global environmental conditions;
  • introduce global trends: what future organizations will look like – including a solid business case for sustainability and a model for a sustainable enterprise of the 21st century;
  • solidify connections between ‘ecosystems & human well-being’ from the Millennium Ecosystems Assessment compiled by the United Nations and the World Bank;
  • identification of priority opportunities, assist in the development of sustainability plans and develop benchmarks and metrics for monitoring performance;
  • explore sustainability issues from an investors’ perspective including how to make it work for stakeholders/employees;
  • provide implementation assistance through a collection of inspirational stories and innovations guiding leading organizations throughout the world;
  • review ‘The Natural Step’ framework for sustainability as a systems based approach for organizational change;
  • introduce and outline the ‘how to’ bring environmental sustainability successfully into your marketing and/or strategic planning processes;
  • provide an internationally recognized innovative and effective approach to strengthening essential leadership skills.

Through our own commitment to the “Six Capital’s Model™ and The Natural Step™”, we became Atlantic Canada’s first ‘CARBON-NEUTRAL’ and ‘ZERO-WASTE’ sustainable training organization – January 1st, 2008.

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