Peak Experiences seminar on Trust was a true eye opener. As a student of leadership following over two decades in the Royal Canadian Navy, and the past decade in the civilian workforce, I strongly recommend this workshop to anyone committeed to taking their leadership to a high achievement level. Franks insights into the importance of self trust enabling the development of trust from others will lead you to important awareness of your strengths and areas for growth and development. If you are committed to evolving with your workforce and being a high achievement empowering leader in our very challenging multi-generational workplace, I strongly recommend this program to you.

Gord Helm, HRM Solid Waste

Straight Talk for Conflict

This workshop is designed to assess an individual’s behaviour in conflict situation’s. “Conflict Situations” are situations in which the concerns of two or more people appear to be incompatible.

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As organizations restructure and social stresses escalate, conflict in the workplace is on the rise. Businesses and government agencies are finding it increasingly more productive – and more cost-effective – to be pro-active in designing strategies to manage conflict. Too often, a conflict situation turns into a contest with winners and losers, resulting in negative experiences for all. It is important to learn how to manage these situations more effectively. Straight Talk turns these differences into a win-win situation for all, resulting in productive outcomes and improved relationships.

The workshop is divided into three parts:

  • part one offers a macro framework and looks at “what” conflict is, personal responses, as well as an in-depth look at our thinking and behavioural patterns: our aggressive, our security-based and our constructive styles of human interaction;
  • part two introduces the concept of conflict management as a subsystem existing within the broader organizational system;
  • part three explores the emerging use of the principles of the Human Synergistics LSI Conflict and how it is being used by organizations today to create individual effectiveness in conflict situations.

Through this process, we offer leaders an opportunity to assess, design, create, improve, evaluate and manage a more effective approach to managing conflict.

This workshop is valuable for:

  • those who want training on how to manage the human social and emotional components of their teams;
  • individuals with a strong preference for ‘task’ orientation who may find the ‘process talk’ time consuming;
  • anyone with a leadership role and responsibility in team or small group who wants the group to turn conflict into innovation and creativity.