Peak Experiences seminar on Trust was a true eye opener. As a student of leadership following over two decades in the Royal Canadian Navy, and the past decade in the civilian workforce, I strongly recommend this workshop to anyone committeed to taking their leadership to a high achievement level. Franks insights into the importance of self trust enabling the development of trust from others will lead you to important awareness of your strengths and areas for growth and development. If you are committed to evolving with your workforce and being a high achievement empowering leader in our very challenging multi-generational workplace, I strongly recommend this program to you.

Gord Helm, HRM Solid Waste

Generational Differences

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Ongoing demographic changes can have profound impacts on management, however, generational gaps are neither new nor forever insurmountable. What is new and different is that the generational gap is tripartite and soon to become a four-way divide and each of these generations have different attitudes and values with respect to work and life. The need for understanding and overcoming these differences is critical in order to create positive, effective and healthy work environments.

Human resource management will become critical success factors in the new millennium as organizations have to focus on recruitment, retention of employees of all ages, succession planning, work-life balance and career development. This workshop will address these issues while making links to leadership, organizational culture and healthy workplaces. We will close looking at the formative influences shaping the generations and look at some possible valuable information on how you can adapt to meet the needs of these diverse groups of employees.

As a participant in the ‘Generational Partnerships’ Workshop, you will have the opportunity to:

  • identify major themes and events that shaped your own generation, especially with regard to work attitudes and behaviours;recognize the similarities and differences between different generations and how they impact work, trust and relationships;
  • learn to acknowledge and accept the differences to build relationships that enhance work processes and task accomplishment;
  • use techniques that will enhance communication and conflict resolution across generations to reduce stress and increase productivity;
  • find ways to creatively use each others differences to enhance the quality of the work and overall client service.