Peak Experiences seminar on Trust was a true eye opener. As a student of leadership following over two decades in the Royal Canadian Navy, and the past decade in the civilian workforce, I strongly recommend this workshop to anyone committeed to taking their leadership to a high achievement level. Franks insights into the importance of self trust enabling the development of trust from others will lead you to important awareness of your strengths and areas for growth and development. If you are committed to evolving with your workforce and being a high achievement empowering leader in our very challenging multi-generational workplace, I strongly recommend this program to you.

Gord Helm, HRM Solid Waste

Effective Communication

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The effective team has among its membership the skills that are needed for performance of the task, process and maintenance of the team as a viable group. Effective communication is essential for meeting task goals and satisfying interpersonal relationships. This workshop emphasizes effective communication and includes issues on inclusion and participation, levels of influence, listening, emotional intelligence and how to deal with problem members and dysfunctional behaviour.

Participants increase their ability to;

  • communicate and relate more effectively with others;
  • improve your personal and organizational communications;
  • build stronger meaningful relationships at work;
  • reduce interpersonal work related stress & conflict.

This workshop is valuable for:

  • those who want training on how to manage the practical side of communication;
  • individuals with a strong ‘task’ orientation who may find the ‘communication’ talk time consuming;
  • individuals whose work depends on dealing and relating with people;
  • anyone with a leadership role and responsibility in a small group who wants that group to enhance their success.