Frank Gallant with Peak Experiences provides a dynamic strategic planning process with strong front end planning to allow in depth discussion during the session, Frank is able to deal with difficult issues, encourage participation, and accomplish tangible results in a given timeline. He creates an energenic atomosphere and brings tremendous experience on various planning topics.

Kevin Bekkers, League Data, Chair Board of Directors

Strategic Planning

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Vision is a force field that permeates an organization like a wave of energy. Everyone who encounters it is influenced by it. Their behaviour is shaped by these encounters and made congruent with the organization’s goals. Leaders of strong organizations must create and enhance a vision with which members can identify, in which they share a sense of pride, and to which they are willing to strengthen their commitment

The vision statement implies an element of noble purpose and high values, of something considered especially worthwhile. A Good Vision Contains the Following Components:

  • Clarity
  • Motivation
  • Authenticity
  • Meaning
  • Pride

‘Team Visioning and Strategic Planning’ is the most important aspect for group and organization success. This one to two day program provides an informal atmosphere for participants to understand the importance of visioning, goals setting and the utilization of strong core values while providing a template for future decision making for the team. As a participant in the Peak Experiences “Team Visioning and Strategic Planning” workshop, you will have the opportunity:

  • to develop or revise a clear and inspirational vision, mission and core values statements that will be effectively embraced by the members within the organization;
  • to develop a detailed strategic direction/plan with specific goals that are in-line with the organizations vision, mission and core values;
  • to enhance ones understanding of how the interdependency of individual roles play a key factor in the successful implementation of your strategic plan;
  • to strengthen your ability to trust, support and communicate more effectively with team members;
  • to develop plans for an effective vision, core values and strategic planning system.

The ‘Team Visioning and Strategic Planning’ workshop attracts a wide variety of people from various backgrounds:

  • government; education;
  • business and industry;
  • health systems and many others.

The diversity of experience and viewpoints provides a microcosm in which each participant is given the opportunity to contribute and create an incredibly powerful based for a common vision.