Our work with Frank Gallant at PEAK Experiences has had positive impact on our organizational effectiveness and has started us on a journey to meaningful culture change. Through our interactions with Frank we have been challenged and supported to become more open, motivated, caring and engaged in our professional as well as in our personal lives. By providing support and useful tools Frank has helped us become more constructive leaders, better communicators and increasingly valued leaders of the Pete's team.

Olivia Hasler and Terry Robichaud
Pete's Culture Change Co-Chairs

Strengthening Organizational Culture

Download PDF – For more detailed information on the Peak Experiences Culture Change process

It is a fact that organizations are faced with constant change and challenges in today’s dynamic business environment. In order to maintain their competitive edge, organizations need to have vision and direction.

But vision and direction alone are not enough. In order to be most effective, the organization’s culture and values must align with its vision and strategic direction. Culture is the unifying force that ensure effectiveness and holds organizations together. Managing organizational culture is a significantly important challenge and vital role for any senior leader and the management team.

Peak Experiences has been utilizing the Human Synergistics Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI) TM since 1997 to assist with our dynamics and effective culture change process. Our time tested culture change process has provided success for leading organizations, businesses and municipalities in Atlantic Canada. Our success come from long term and collaborative partnerships with our clients allowing us to provide guidance, timely advice and support to their culture change and leadership development processes.

The OCI is distinguished by its research base, its statistical reliability and validity, and the availability of research reports to support and enhance its use within organizations. The OCI is based on more than twenty five years of research into describing and measuring the effectiveness of an organizational culture and it is a powerful instrument that identifies the current and ideal behavioural norms and sets prescriptions for successful change management.

Effective, long-term change in the way people think and behave in an organization is possible.

This is because the OCI addresses the real causes of problems rather than the actual outcomes.

The OCI produces real, measurable results which reveal what organizations are really asking of their employees and how it affects their performance, motivation and job satisfaction.

We invite you to explore one the journey of cultural transformation by booking a discussion with one of our associates. In the short term, we have posted a number of articles for you to review (left side) that will help you identify your organizational readiness. Please contact us set up an appointment.

TM: OCI – Organizational Cultural Inventory is a registered trademark of Human Synergistics International.

Download PDF – For more detailed information on the Human Synergistics Organizational Culture Inventory TM services option