As a successful, self-motivated person I wasn't sure that I'd get much from a weekly "tele-class" meeting with a success team. I was amazed to discover that the support of the group and Craig's excellent facilitation accelerated my results. The great ideas shared, weekly accountability and focus to take each next step in my plan helped me build my business. Craig was masterful as calm center that helped each of us to achieve our best.

Terry Kozlowski Chicago, IL

Organizational Development

Organizations have undergone vast changes in the past few years. From downsizing, to the introduction of new systems, to wholesale restructuring, the only constant has been change. However, many change initiatives have fallen short of their expectations. Initiatives that fail, despite looking great “on paper” are often the victim of the current organizational culture.

Organizational culture is the shared attitudes, values and beliefs that indicate to members how to ‘fit in’ to the organization. The members of an organization whose culture is defensive or counter-productive will reject new ideas and initiatives and adopt more self serving strategies.

Peak Experiences utilizes one of Human Synergistics’ most powerful instruments that can be used to help leading organizations become more effective. It is the Organizational Culture Inventory (OCI).

Organizational Culture Inventory TM

The OCI identifies current behavorial norms that individuals believe they need to ‘fit in’ to their organization. These commonly held beliefs affect such outcomes as turnover, employee satisfaction and the organization’s ability to provide quality customer service.

The OCI addresses the real cause of problems rather than the actual outcomes. We provide measurable results which reveal what organizations are really asking of their employees and how it affects their performance,motivation and job satisfaction. This provides a firm basis for planning and agreement on the specific training and organizational development requirements to support their staff in implementing a shared vision of cultural change in their organizations.

The result is effective, long-term change in the way people think and behave in an organization.

TM: The OCI – Organizational Cultural Inventory is a registered trademark of Human Synergistics International.