My experience with Frank Gallant and his the Peak Experiences LSI Leadership Development program has been positive for both me and my team. Frank's use of this powerful program has resulted in a positive personal and team growth experience. Personal and team introspection can be a minefield of emotions, but armed with Frank's great understanding of the assessment tools in combination with his unique personal style my team thrived and took its performance to a new level.

Phillip Townsend, Director, Planning and Infrastructure, Halifax Regional Municipality

Management Training (MEPS)

Key functions of an organization depend upon the day to day actions and decisions of its managers. Because they direct and co-ordinate the work of others, effective managers are critical to an organization’s success.

No matter how experienced the manager, mastery of the basics is critical to success. How can an organization ensure that each of its managers has the skills to perform at capacity – and that they’re being sufficiently challenged to do even better? Human Synergistics has developed the Management Effectiveness Profile System (MEPS) TM – a powerful coaching tool that measures and evaluates the skills that are critical to management success. MEPS uses a unique and statistically valid process to provide managers with reliable, comprehensive feedback about their management skills in 14 key functional areas. With the knowledge and insight that this information brings, managers can accurately identify development needs and make specific improvements to their performance. This results in measurable, lasting change.

Download PDF – For more information on the MEPS Management Assessment

Task Skills

  • Problem Solving
  • Time Management
  • Planning
  • Goal Setting
  • Performance Leadership

Organizing Interpersonal Skills

  • Team Development
  • Delegation
  • Participation
  • Integrating Differences
  • Providing Feedback

Personal Skills

  • Stress Processing
  • Maintaining Integrity
  • Commitment

The MEPS assessment package focuses on providing high quality feedback as the foundation for individual development. How an individual manager rates their own performance can provide insight, and this information is even more powerful when combined with feedback from others. To ensure that managers obtain a balanced perspective of their strengths and development opportunities, MEPS measures performance from both the individual’s point-of-view and that of five trusted associates.

The major strength of MEPS is ownership. MEPS doesn’t dictate change. Instead, it places the responsibility for performance improvement in a manager’s hands. In particular, MEPS enables managers to:

  • Measure and assess their current levels of expertise in specific areas pertaining to their responsibilities as managers.
  • Compare their self-perceived expertise in 14 specific skill areas with objective confidential feedback from their five selected colleagues.
  • Gain insight into their current level of expertise in these 14 areas relative to a representative sample of about 4,000 other managers.
  • Obtain knowledge of the impact their behaviour has on others.
  • Determine specific skill areas in which they want to change or improve.
  • Develop prescriptive, action-oriented strategies for bringing these changes about.

TM: MEPS is a registered trademark of Human Synergistics International.