My experience with Frank Gallant and his the Peak Experiences LSI Leadership Development program has been positive for both me and my team. Frank's use of this powerful program has resulted in a positive personal and team growth experience. Personal and team introspection can be a minefield of emotions, but armed with Frank's great understanding of the assessment tools in combination with his unique personal style my team thrived and took its performance to a new level.

Phillip Townsend, Director, Planning and Infrastructure, Halifax Regional Municipality

LSI Leadership Development

Knowing who you are now is the first and most important step in deciding who you will be in the future. Years of extensive research by Human Synergistic International TM has established that the information needed to allow insight, growth and self-improvement to occur is contained within our thoughts.

We believe, if you are provided with accurate information about the way you think, you can bring about positive change in your behaviour, and increase your overall effectiveness. The more you know about how you think and behave the better prepared you are to improve your performance. And that’s where Human Synergistics’ Life Styles Inventory (LSI Leadership Assessment) can help.

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Based on a combination of respected psychological and measurement theories, the LSI Leadership Assessment measures the thoughts and attitudes which motivate your behaviour, how you relate to others as well as how effectively you solve problems and make decisions. You can use what you learn to initiate positive changes in how you think and act – changes that can increase your personal and professional effectiveness. And because inventory results remain confidential – for your eyes only – honesty and accuracy are greatly enhanced.

LSI Leadership Assessment provides you with the opportunity to take a close look at yourself. In a sense, it acts as a mirror, reflecting back the image you have of yourself. Sometimes this image is flattering and reassuring, sometimes surprising, and other times difficult to accept. Whatever the results, there is no doubt that LSI Leadership Assessment promotes lasting performance change and improvement by increasing personal understanding of your thinking and behaviour.

LSI Leadership Assessment is part of the Life Styles System which has been successfully used by over 1,000,000 managers and 240,000 organizations in the past 20 years. Their results have indicated that significant connections exist between individual LSI Leadership Assessment scores and the development of:

  • leadership and management effectiveness
  • increased ability to cope with pressure and change
  • achievement of set goals
  • flexible and creative thinking
  • improved relationships with others
  • greater motivation to initiate change and make things happen

TM: Human Synergistics tools are a registered trademark of Human Synergistics International.