My experience with Frank Gallant and his the Peak Experiences LSI Leadership Development program has been positive for both me and my team. Frank's use of this powerful program has resulted in a positive personal and team growth experience. Personal and team introspection can be a minefield of emotions, but armed with Frank's great understanding of the assessment tools in combination with his unique personal style my team thrived and took its performance to a new level.

Phillip Townsend, Director, Planning and Infrastructure, Halifax Regional Municipality

Leadership Development

Peak Experiences – The Mind Set Advantage™

Our thoughts characterize who we are and shape our lives. How we think determines how we perceive reality and relate to others, as well as how we solve problems and make decisions. In order to understand our thinking patterns, leadership styles, leverage key strengths and change behaviour, we must first examine the feelings and thoughts that underlie and motivate human behaviour. This is the Mind Set Advantage™ that we utilize to support enhancing our clients’ individual and organizational effectiveness.

Investment in the development of the individual is the key to leadership effectiveness

Your personal management and leadership style is your distinction — your characteristic way of thinking and behaving that shapes your interactions with others — and ultimately determines your effectiveness.

Knowing who you are now is the first and most important step in deciding who you will be in the future. Years of research have established that the information needed to allow insight, growth and self-improvement to occur is contained within our thoughts.

In addition to our key organizational processes, Peak Experiences’ workshops utlitize Human Synergistics products to completment our workshops. These assessment tools are researched and designed to provide insight into the behavioural effects of thinking patterns, selfconcept, leadership and group effectiveness. Peak Experiences uses the following assessment tools to ensure your path to learning leads to reaching your goals.