The root word for facilitate comes from the French word "facile" ~ literally "easy". So facilitation is the process of making something easier. When I think of my work and interactions with Craig that's exactly what comes to mind. Craig makes the working process and relationships easy. He makes understanding easy. He enhances the learning process rather than detracting from it. That's not automatic or effortless, but in my work with Craig he created excellent learning environments and opportunities.

John Stein

Facilitation Support

Our trained and experienced facilitators understand meeting and group dynamics and bring techniques that ensure your working group gets the desired outcomes and the quality results you need. We serve as facilitators for small to large group meetings, helping to managing the agenda, making sure group processes are followed while securing meeting objectives.

The facilitators at Peak Experiences go beyond excellent meeting management. We help groups think in fresh and synergistic ways that allow for effective decision making and goal accomplishment. We facilitate sessions for our clients ranging from large consultative feedback sessions,mergers, NGO and community development sessions to small strategic planning retreats. Our facilitators are experienced professionals with an average of 20+ years in helping organizational clients be more innovative and solve problems creatively. Please give us a call to discuss how we can provide you customized facilitation support.

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