We have been working with Frank Gallant of Peak Experiences for the last two years on an extensive leadership development and culture change process to enhance the high performance of our department. He has been our culture change conscience and "North star". Frank brings positive energy, sincerity and wisdom to challenge our organization to reach higher as leaders to ensure we get the best possible results from our teams.

Sean Hennessey, Director of Planning & Self Serve / Customer Care
Bell Aliant Customer Experience

Trusted advisors, diverse clients

We work with small, medium and large size businesses, non-profits, organizations and governmental agencies throughout Atlantic Canada and at times with client partners across Canada / USA.  They come to us requesting our help for their people / leaders to deal more effectively with growing pressures, more complexity, unknown situations, staffing and partnership conflicts etc. – we call this the 83/17% rule.

It is in these difficult situations (the 17% times where leaders credibility lives or dies) that leaders need to be self aware, have the capacity to self-regulate their ineffective leadership styles (insecurities) and stay calm – all essential attributes for high performance.

We have an outstanding track record of delivering high quality facilitation, training and coaching interventions which inspire personal and organizational transformation and (organizational) culture change.

Are any of these statements true for you?

“We’re facing significant financial and personnel cutbacks. There is a great deal of pressure. How do we manage our workload and ensure high productivity standards during the change process? How do we be more efficient and effective – essentially do more with less?”

“Trust is low and our performance is suffering because our people aren’t communicating effectively with each other. I’m amazed by how much time is spent resolving conflicts and sorting out interpersonal issues. We have to do something about morale around here.”

“We’ve got smart, talented people working for us, but getting them on the same page, headed in the same direction can be a challenge. I know we can be a high achieving organization but I’m unsure where to start.”

“I’m not getting the most from my team. We need help to improve communication and collaboration so that we can realize our full potential.”

“We’re committed to changing our organizational culture. We recognize the challenge, risk and long term commitment involved but our current way of operating is no longer sustainable. We need a change process that works.”

Clients are most likely to be successful working with us if:

  • You have high standards of excellence. You’re committed to being the best you can be.
  • You recognize your leaders are struggling with the pressure, the unknowns and the complexities of leading into the future – and you want to provide the necessary support for them to be successful.
  • You are ready to deepen your work to a more collaboratively and partnership focus.
  • People are motivated to increase their self-awareness and personal effectiveness. They are willing to learn and let go of old ineffective behaviours.
  • You adhere to the highest standards of honesty and integrity. If you want to succeed by taking ethical shortcuts, we’re not for you. If you want to perform at the highest level, we can help you succeed.
  • You’re committed to making a difference, have patience with the process and you are willing work for progress in the long term.
  • You value new perspectives and recognize the importance of being challenged.
  • You are committed to long-term solutions rather than a quick-fix.

We hope this gives you a better perspective of the kind of clients we work with, the issues we help them resolve and what our clients need to do to ensure greater success. Please give us a call so we can get to know you, your organizational challenges and dreams a little better.