We have used Peak Experience for many years for organizational development, team building and culture change. The tools and content of the workshops are exceptional. Peak Experiences has helped my organization develop and achieve and as well kept the journey interesting and fun. Frank Gallant and his team of associates are some of the best in the business.

Margo Beckworth-Burn
Sr. Vice President, Wyndham Worldwide


We live in a time where new approaches are required to achieve social, environmental, economic and organizational change. Peak Experiences has a strong and diverse network of associate practitioners and researchers. We engage in programs and projects which focus on personal growth and leadership, organization change and development, and environmental sustainable development.

Peak Experiences offers a multi–level process designed to assess current and ideal behaviours and allow individuals, groups and organizations to develop prescriptive improvement plans. With innovative tools, a proven approach and world-class consultants, Peak Experiences offers consulting and developmental services that help client organizations build genuine and sustainable improvement.

Peak Experiences associates are constantly working on innovative ways to fulfill our mission, creating a renewed focus on serving our customers, and igniting our core programs of significance. Our experiential approach to learning has helped clients gain new skills and, more importantly, gives them the tools to apply these skills in the workplace. We will continue to bring fresh ideas, practical skills and innovative training to your world, as we believe individual and collaborative effort can make a tremendous difference. The challenge our clients have put to us is the challenge facing us all. No matter what role we find ourselves in, we share the challenge of transforming individuals and organizations into truly effective and sustainable entities.

We enthusiastically invite you to take the journey with us as we move into a future full of promise, potential and possibility. As we move forward let’s remember that by ‘Learning It and Applying It’ — everyone is more successful. We look forward to seeing you at a Peak Experiences program in the near future.

Frank Gallant, President and CEO

Craig Kennedy, Senior Associate

Michael Coolican, Junior Associate

Heather Mayhew, Sustainability Advisor

Peak Experiences – The Learning Company
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