It was a real pleasure to work with Frank Gallant of Peak Experiences to allow for the co-ordination of my 24 hour masterclass during my recent visit to Nova Scotia, Canada. His leadership and commitment towards sustainable organizations and communities will leave a mark on Nova Scotia for years to come.

Jonathon Porritt, Founder, Forum for the Future, United Kingdom, 24 Hour Masterclass

Community Engagement

As Sustainable Business Leaders

Peak Experiences associates are proudly engaged in local and provincial sustainable development initiatives. 


As Sustainable Business Leaders, Peak Experiences associates are proudly engaged in local and provincial sustainable development initiatives.

Our work is rooted in what can be achieved through an alignment in values, vision and beliefs, combined with an informed understanding of how people can best work together.  We seek opportunities to reduce our impact on the environment, supporting and collaborating with the organizations that we work with to help build capacity in communities to be healthy, prosperous and sustainable.

Peak Experiences Associates proudly engage in local and regional sustainable development initiatives in partnership with the following groups, using our collective expertise to provide leadership and support in reaching their goals.

Syrian Antigonish Families Embrace (S.A.F.E):

SAFE, Syria-Antigonish Families Embrace, recently formed in Antigonish for the purpose of sponsoring a Syrian refugee family displaced from their home by war to resettle and start a new life in the Antigonish area. We understand this will require the support of our whole community, both town and county, and we are inviting you to join us in this endeavour. One of the families we have specially provided support for are the Hadhad’s. They are now successful running:

Sustainable Antigonish:

Sustainable Antigonish is a community based, non-profit organization dedicated to promoting, supporting, and advancing sustainable development in the Antigonish area. Sustainable Antigonish recognizes this is a continuous process that strives to improve quality of life and economic stability while protecting the earth’s natural life support systems.

Sustainable Antigonish will support the Town and County of Antigonish in becoming a model sustainable community through the engagement of its citizens. Sustainable Antigonish works from a four pillared or holistic approach to sustainability, meaning that they consider each initiative in terms of the economic, social, cultural, and environmental impacts.

Current Projects:

Antigonish Community Energy Planning Process

Antigonish Community Energy Cooperative

Antigonish Harbour Watershed Association:

The aim of the aim of the AHWA is to maintain and enhance the natural beauty and ecological integrity of the Antigonish Harbour.  We recognize that in order to achieve that aim we need to encourage good stewardship of the lands within the Antigonish Harbour Watershed through research, education and example.

The FreePlay Program:

FreePlay is one of the NSOLD programs dedicated to youth leadership development. FreePlay was developed to provide a consistent and integrated outdoor activities and eco-literacy program for youth aged 10-16 living in Antigonish and/or the surrounding communities. The framework of this program is based on a peer-engagement and mentoring model, in order to develop youth leadership and help foster healthy attitudes towards eco-literacy and physical activity outdoors in rural Nova Scotia.

The project is designed to allow for multiple partners who may wish to help facilitate opportunities to engage youth outdoors while facilitating and mentoring adult leaders.

The Fresh Air Society:

The Fresh Air Society is a volunteer-run organization based in the Town and County of Antigonish. Our purpose is to advance the practice of living in an environmentally sustainable manner, promote health and to provide opportunities for group activities in the outdoors.

Our priority is on-going educational awareness, celebrating success stories and celebrating present moment living. Whether it’s on a field trip to an off-the-grid home, an outdoor leadership workshop, at a presentation on local wildlife, on a biking trip to Prince Edward Island, or at a simple sunset paddle on the harbour, Fresh Air participants share a love of the outdoors and a concern for our environment. We invite you to join us at one of our many activities.

Nova Scotia Outdoor Leadership Development Program (NSOLD):

A co-operative program with the Nova Scotia Department of Health and Wellness that aims to enhance the quality and quantity of safe and competent outdoor leaders in Nova Scotia through a comprehensive, experiential leadership development process. Modules are in: Survival, Emergency Procedures, Natural Interpretation, Wilderness Camping Skills, Navigation, Mentoring in the Outdoors, Outdoor Leadership, Freeplay for Youth and the Resource Leadership Service (RLS).

Heartwood Centre for Community Youth Development

Uses an integrated approach in our community youth development practices. We provide direct leadership training for youth by supporting and working with youth in their communities. We also offer capacity building, professional development, and research for anyone else who is interested in meaningfully engaging youth.

Spryfield Youth Teen Talent Show:

A collaborative effort between HRM Recreation and HRM Libraries to provide an opportunity for youth from the Spryfield community to find an audience for their talents.