• Dealing with Pressure

    In todays workplace environments, leaders are dealing with unknowns, more pressure and deeper complexity. As trusted advisors, we specialize in supporting people in coming to grips of how to be most effective leaders – when it counts.

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  • Strengthening Mindsets

    Understanding the attitudes, values and beliefs of individual and organizational effectiveness is essential to ensure alignment of your people and for maintaining a strong organizational culture. We believe a constructive “mindset” matters…

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  • Steps for Significant Change

    Put simply, change starts with understanding and aspiration. Our “six steps for significant change” model has been foundational for strengthening the leadership and culture of organizations and corporations from across Atlantic Canada.

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  • Building
    Effective Teams

    Imagine a team development workshop that exceeds anything you have ever experienced.

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  • Leadership

    Investment in the development of the individual is the key to leadership effectiveness.

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  • Executive

    Developing strategic thinking, general management and effective leadership skills for new, middle and senior executives.

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  • Strategic

    Enabling organizations to navigate a rapidly changing and increasingly complex business environment.

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